Spirit Word Christian Center

Pastor Kohima Church

About Me

I grew up in Kohima town as a Christian by religion, but I didn't know Jesus as my personal savior till 1996, when I attended a crusade and got filled with the Holy Ghost. Ever since I have been in ministry. I got involved with Interdenominational Christian Fellowship, the remant of which started the present day thriving church Faith Harvest. I attended what is today Rhema India Great Commission Bible School in Nagpur, in 1998. Since then, I worked in children ministry and youth ministry in my previous Baptist church. I even served as Associate Pastor for a short period of time there.  I  also went around as an itinerant preacher for a few years. In 2006, I went on to start Spirit Word Christian Center. I am not a theologian. I did my M.Phil and Ph.D in Political Science from North-Eastern Hill University in Shillong. I also took a proffessional Diploma in Cinema with Spicialization in film Direction from the prestigious Film & T.V. Institute of India, Pune. Technically I am not a full time pastor. I call myself full life pastor anyway.