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Supernatural Encounters

Posted on September 4, 2009 at 12:49 PM Comments comments (0)

We had our  Summer Bible School 2009, Little Flock Sunday School meetings from June 26-28. It was great. But above all things one thing that needed to be recorded here was the encounter we had with the devil.

There was a girl whose stepfather was a Muslim who attende the meetings. When she got slain with the rest of the kids we thought she was experiencing the same thing as the others. But then she became violent. My wife and her co-teacher immediately noticed and began to take a hold of her. But she could not be calmed. Then, they began to take authority over evil spirits and command the devil to leave her. Not long after evil spirit began to manifest. I stood by and watched as my wife and the devil had a conversation.

It was an exchanged as real and as cool as any other. My wife told the devil to go. The devil said,"I won't go." My wife insisted that the devil leave. But the devil began to say things like "don't tell me about Jesus; yes Jesus is the true God."

As the battle raged on the devil gave up and said "open the door and let me go." We had closed the door to keep the other kids out. I told them not to open the door because I thought that would amount to obeying the devil. But the devil insisted that we open the door so that he can leave. So my wife said open the door and let him go. As soon as we opened the door, the devil left. The girl came back to her senses and said "what happenned to me?" My wife said "nothing happenned to you." How true? Nothing happenned to her. It was only the devil who was hurt and defeated.

The story didn't end there. The next day as we worship the devil entered the same girl again. Immediately they separated her and took her to the siiting room, closing the door, once again the battle began. My wife commanded the devil to go. The devil said "I will go, but I will come back." My wife said "no, you can't come back." My wife didn't allow the devil to go untill he agreed not to come back. In the end, I heard the devil say, "I will not come back." My wife than told the devil to go. He left.

Again, in the next service the same girl was slain. She was lying on the floor a little longer than the others. Though she was not violent I saw my wife getting ready to do another battle if necessary. But having heard the last conversation between them, I went to the girl and calling her by her name, told her to get up. She got up with a smile on her face this time.